For many companies recruitment often poses a challenge. Working with us will be advantageous in many ways:

  • we screen all candidates according to your requirements, and deliver a short list

  • we organize interview events for you

  • we communicate and liaise with candidates throughout the entire recruitment process 

  • we are able to gather candidates' feedback and statistics for your recruitment project

  • we save you time and money: leave all the heavy administrative work to us

  • we help you to check compliance documentation from candidates

  • we can build a case study for your recruitment project



This service is focused on recruitment and sourcing of adequate candidates for your job positions. It includes:

  • profile definition

  • building of suitable recruitment campaign and marketing resources

  • widespreading of recruitment campaign on the adequate channels and networks

  • initial screening of applicants

This service is focused on selection of candidates after a recruitment campaign. It includes:

  • screening interviews / tests

  • result reporting and shortlisting of selected candidates

  • organization of interviews with employer

  • collecting compliance documentation and references

  • follow-up with candidates

This service includes all stages of recruitment and selection of candidates for a given project, from candidate sourcing up until candidate follow-up after recruitment events.Our clients only pay based on successful recruitment.

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